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At first our clients wanted us to build their flagship videos. Then they wanted more. Today, Broadcasters, Filmmakers, Businesses, Publishers, Non-Profits and Civic Organizations turn to the G for everything media. From feature films to creative mobile apps. So what's changed? Almost everything. Technology marches forward, and so have we, adding talent and capabilities. We're West Michigan's Media Factory. We're the perfect blend of price, talent, skill, and options for the modern age of media. Turns out, it's a good time for everything.

  • We have the tools and talent to deliver your project at the quality, price, and timeline you want. Our tools are in-house, our crew knows how to travel, and our team delivers.
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    • Feature Films
    • Television Series
    • Commercials
    • Shorts
    • Corporate
    • Museums
    • Ministry & Non-Profit
    • Documentaries
    • Curriculum
    • Live Events
    • Stock Footage
    • Award Winning
  • From interactive children's iPad book apps to Emmy-nominated websites that come alive, we can develop your next web or app project.
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    • HTML5 Web Development
    • Flash Web Development
    • iOS & Android App Programming
    • Desktop App Programming
    • Interactive Book App Development
    • Curriculum App Development
    • Game App Development
    • Award winning
  • To us, Post is far more than a room with a computer. It's doing everything right, using professional tools and talented people to build a finished product that lives up to the promise of your original concept and goals.
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    • Creative Editorial Services
    • Finishing & Color Grading
    • Post Production Management
    • SD, HD, P2, DSLR, RED and All Other File-based Workflows
    • Fiber Optic (SAN) Shared Media Servers
    • On Set Data Management & Digital Lab Services (Dailies)
    • Conversion, Mastering & Encoding Services
    • Digital Cinema Package (DCP) Encoding
    • DVD Mastering
    • Closed Captioning & Subtitles
    • LTO Project Archiving
    • Edit Suite Rental
    • Award Winning
  • It's our belief that there's no such thing as a great marketing material without great photography. That's why we edit, correct, crunch, and re-compose our photos to give you the very best working image, every time.
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    • Studio Shooting
    • Portrait Shooting
    • Location Shooting
    • Architectural Shooting
    • Product Shooting
    • Event Shooting
  • Whether we're compositing animated characters into footage or recreating the temple at Karnak in 3D, our artists are experienced, fast, and innovative.
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    • Tracking & Compositing
    • Keying & Rotoscoping
    • Vector & Illustration Animation
    • Complete 3D Animation Pipeline
    • Kinetic Animation
    • CAD Conversions
  • Design is so much more than layout. At the core of anything that works well, there is great design.
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    • Concept Design
    • Logos
    • Illustrations
    • Brochures
    • Posters
    • Packaging
    • Presentations
    • Web Banners
  • Finishing your audio in the edit suite is like decorating a wedding cake with a roller brush. At GP you get a dedicated sound studio with an experienced audio engineer who has, at his disposal, hundreds of sound and music libraries.
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    • Recording Studio
    • Mastering & Encoding Services
    • 5.1 Surround Mixing
    • Sound Design & Sweetening
    • ISDN Line
    • Award winning
  • Get their attention, spark their curiosity, then answer their questions. We're all about putting the right message in the right place at the right time. There is a right way and a wrong way to build a campaign and guess what...
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    • Concepting
    • Branding
    • Identity
    • Positioning
    • Campaigns
    • Scripting & Screenplays